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Legacy CNA School Consultants offers affordable services to individuals who want to open their own healthcare/vocational trade school training programs. Contact us if you need just one service or multiple tasks completed.  

Trade School Business Plans & Marketing Plan Formulation


A traditional business plan can range from six to ten pages in length! We can write the business plan for your trade school. We will also devise a marketing plan to attract prospective students to your vocational /trade school. In addition, we can assist in designing your school's website.

National Certifications For Healthcare Training Programs


We already know that CNA training programs and other healthcare programs require state approval. We guide owners in processes so pupils can obtain national certifications upon completing medical assistant and phlebotomy training programs. This makes schools look more reputable to the public.

Community Partnership Advice Leading to Student Referrals


Sometimes traditional advertising is not enough to get students into the door. We offer consultative advice on partnerships with nonprofit organizations and certain state departments that can ensure a steady stream of students, enrollments and tuition funding sources all year-round.

Clinical Externship Contracts & Other Forms You May Not Know  


We provide clinical externship contracts for healthcare training programs such as nursing assistant, medication aide, medical assisting and phlebotomy. We also provide other forms pertaining to liability, contract workers, instructors, students and employees.

Creation of School Policies, Catalog & Student Handbook


We will create your school's policies, as well as prepare the school's catalog and/or student handbook. We customize these items specifically for your school's use and unique needs. We also write employee handbooks.

Numerous entrepreneurs in the healthcare trade school /vocational school industry utilize the expertise of consultants to assist in devising plans, promoting their training programs, completing forms and foreseeing problematic issues that might arise during the process of starting a school or adding new programs to existing schools. 

Legacy CNA School Consultants offers a variety of services. We will write your curriculum, prepare your school catalog, complete the clinical externship contracts, formulate your business plan, generate school policies & student handbooks, and provide forms you may not know of. 

We also develop a marketing plan to recruit prospective students, provide information on national healthcare program certifications to make your school more attractive, and offer suggestions on community partnerships with nonprofit entities that may result in more students (and more tuition dollars for your school).

CNA & Healthcare Program Curriculum Preparation


We can write the curriculum for nurse aide training programs. We are also able to write the curriculum for other healthcare vocational training programs such as medical assistant, medication aide, and phlebotomy technician.

Healthcare Vocational /Trade School Consultancy Services


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