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Legacy CNA School Consultants offers affordable services to individuals who want to open their own healthcare/vocational trade school training programs. Contact us if you need just one service or multiple tasks completed.  

At Legacy CNA School Consultants, we know that opening a new trade school from scratch can be a challenging feat to accomplish. In addition, adding new healthcare training programs to your existing school can be just as challenging. 


Our wide assortment of consultative services, forms, contracts, guidance and advice can help business owners navigate the turbulent landscape of attempting to establish a trade school. Please do not hesitate to contact us—your situation becomes our situation while we work with you.

CNA School Consulting
Do you want to make an appointment?

If you would feel more comfortable speaking to us, simply book a 30-minute consultative phone session to ensure each of your questions will be answered.

We offer extremely affordable consultancy services to help entrepreneurs start CNA schools from scratch and/or add new healthcare training programs to your existing vocational /trade school.


Whether you need one service or several, we can assist in navigating the bureaucratic maze of rules, contractual requirements and forms for you.

Curriculum Preparation for Healthcare Training Programs

  • Nurse Aide /Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Medication Aide / Medication Technician
  • Medical Office Assistant (Front Office)
  • Clinical Medical Assistant (Back Office)
  • Phlebotomy Technician (Phlebotomy)
  • Continuing Education & Seminar Courses
  • In-Service Education


Help With Contracts For Your Trade School 

  • Clinical Externship Site Contracts
  • Contracts For Employees, Third-Party Consultants and Subleasing


Business Plan Preparation and Marketing Plan for Trade Schools

  • We Will Write Your Entire Business Plan
  • Formulation of a Marketing Plan to Attract Prospective Students


Assistance With National Certification for Your Training Programs

  • Medical Office Assistant (Front Office) Program
  • Clinical Medical Assistant (Back Office) Program
  • Phlebotomy Technician (Phlebotomy) Program
  • Advice on Turning Your School Into a Testing Site


Advice on Cultivating Partnerships to Generate Enrollments

  • Nonprofit Community Partnerships
  • Chamber of Commerce Memberships
  • Referrals From Unemployment Department, VA, MyCAA

Preparation of School Catalog, Policies and Student Handbook   


Miscellaneous Forms That Prospective School Owners Forget

  • Release of Liability Forms to Protect Your Investment
  • Consent Forms; Vaccination Forms
  • Student Enrollment Packets
  • Equipment Lists and So Much More


Trade School Website Design


Advice on National Accreditation Process So Your School Can Accept Federal Student Loan Funding

List of Trade School Consultancy Services


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