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Legacy CNA School Consultants offers affordable services to individuals who want to open their own healthcare/vocational trade school training programs. Contact us if you need just one service or multiple tasks completed.  

We prepare affordable, quality resumes and cover letters that are tailored to the unique needs of nurses, nursing students, medical assistants, and those who work in the medical field and healthcare sector. 

Resume Writing

We Write Résumés and Cover Letters


Legacy CNA School Consultants prepares very affordable résumés and cover letters for nurses, nursing students, medical assistants, patient care technicians, and other types of allied healthcare professionals. 



Do You Want to Ensure Your Resume and Cover Letter Are Noticed?


When we prepare your resume and cover letter, we will make sure to include relevant keywords and phrases to move your online employment applications to the top of the pile. 



A Word About Applicant Tracking Systems


In today's modern day job-seeking era of online applications, applicant tracking systems (ATS) sort through applicants' information before storing it in a database, allowing human resources staff to search for resumes.


The ATS will generate matches to all the resumes with the most relevant keyword matches. Therefore, although you may have submitted an employment application for one position, your resume might populate for another position that more closely—at least, according to the system—matches your experiential background and skill set.


Legacy CNA School Consultants will prepare your resume and cover letter in strict accordance with the keywords detected by most ATS filters. We want to ensure your employment application does not get lost in some database.




Résumé and Cover Letter Writing Services 


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